April 3, 2014


[Last night, somewhere in South City....]

Mom: Hey, kid. The washer is empty now, and since I've been messing up so much lately, I thought I'd ask you if there was any laundry that *had* to be done before tomorrow morning or else you'll hate me.

Kid: (grins)

Mom: Speak now, or forever hold your pizza....

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March 28, 2014

Still Crazy (About Him) After All These Years....

Even after 18+ years of marriage, Andrew is still able to surprise me and sometimes completely blows me away with an over-the-top gesture.

Last week, he bought me an iPad as an early Mother's Day gift.


I knew we were going to get one - thanks to credit card points, a sale at Best Buy, and money from our tax refund/his bonus - but I had had NO IDEA that he had planned on it for a while and had intended it to be a Mother's Day gift for me.  After about an hour of messing with me, during which Andrew and Thing Two told me I couldn't have the passcode for the iPad until Mother's Day, I got to play with my new toy.

For those who are curious about such things, we got the 64gig iPad Air with only WiFi, not 4G.  Knowing my history*, I looked up reviews and customer ratings and ordered a very sturdy case for it that will arrive today.

Andrew loves it for watching movies on Netflix in bed.  The girls love playing games on it.  Photos look AMAZING.  It will be perfect for when I go to Stitches or CFR, etc. and need to be able to promote Cooperative Press.

This guy is amazing.  Do I love him because he buys me stuff?  Nah. I *do*, however, love that he 1) had the idea in the first place, 2) made sure I really did want an iPad and not some other tablet, 3) wanted to use the credit card points and bonus/refund money to get a present for *me*, not some goodie for himself (if the shoe were on the other foot, I'm pretty sure I would have been more selfish).

Love you, Babe!

*See, there was the laptop I dropped on the floor and broke...and the one I spilled a latte on...and the earlier one I killed in some other, forgotten way.... 


Been in "hunker down and get through it" mode this week because Thing Two got sick on Friday and didn't leave the house until yesterday morning.  When I have a sick kid, I tend just to try to get through it, which in some ways is fine, however, I tend to get isolated during that time.  Combine that with not getting as much sleep as normal or any other unusual circumstances, and it's just not good for my mental state.  To paraphrase my friend Donna, "Survival isn't good enough."  Lesson (hopefully) learned.

Here are a few snippets from the past week or so:

Ready for Buttons
I finished the knitting on the new sweater for "Grahambo".
Now, I get to do the boring part - weaving in the ends and attaching the buttons.
One bummer:  I made one too many buttonholes, so I have to
use one non-matching button.  Bah!

Thing Two tried out the candy molds she got for her birthday and made
mustache lollipops.
Springtime Socks
I finished the Springtime Socks.  The bind-off is really tight, though, so I'll
probably undo it, tink back a round, and bind off differently so I don't
have to fight to get them on and won't have an indentation on
my ankle when I take them off.
Locked Out
The Resident Genius locked herself out of the house yesterday
afternoon and had to wait for the 15yo to get home so she
could go inside, get her keys, and drive off to pick up the
13yo from school.  Good thing it wasn't raining!

March 22, 2014


THIS is what thirteen looks like for Thing Two.  SO glad we have three shotguns!  I told her she needed to promise to use her powers for good, not evil, LOL.

Use Your Powers For Good Not Evil

Highlights of her birthday party last Saturday:

Party.1 Bad Dog Party.3

And the actual birthday, aka St. Patrick's Day:

Ready for Presents Bday Morning.1

March 20, 2014

Songs in the Key of Life*

  1. After Stitches and hanging out with ~7,000 people for four days, I got sick.
  2. Then one kid got sick.
  3. Then another kid sick.
  4. Then Thing Two turned thirteen.  THIRTEEN, people.  HOW did that happen?

I've done a LOT of knitting (and, sadly, at least as much frogging), but most of it is stuff I can't show you yet.  Hints, however, are:  Lhasa Wilderness; Cascade Venezia Sport.

I can, however, show you the most recent socks. Here are the two pairs (a pair of pairs?) I've finished since my last blog post:

Finished Lifestyle Socks
Toe-Up, Regia 4-ply

Top-Down, My First Regia
(aka my new favorite sock yarn)

And my current pair.  I absolutely love how springy/Eastery this colorway is!

Spring Socks WIP
Yes, more My First Regia

* With apologies to Stevie Wonder

February 27, 2014

KNITTERS: I Need Your Feedback

OK, knitters, I need your opinions:

If you had ~600 yards of a luxurious sportweight merino/silk blend, what would you want to knit?

  1. A stranded colorwork cowl
  2. A slip-stitch/mosaic colorwork cowl
  3. A small colorwork shawl
  4. A small lace shawl
  5. Something else?
Please weigh in on this.  Inquiring minds want to know.

People: The BEST Part of Stitches

Somehow, I didn't get pictures of Miss Kalendar or Yarn Yenta (Heatherly Walker) or Loretta or The 2 KnitLit Chicks or Benjamin or Sarah and Sam from Cephalopod or Anne Kuo Lukito or Karida or Stephanie or....

Christine Chen
Bayareaknitter, aka Christine Chen
Laura and Abby
Laura and Abby (AbbyKnitz of KnitKnit Cafe)

Doctor Gemma
Doctor Gemma, my biggest fan!
(Well, after my dad....)
Annual Selfie With Marly Bird
Michelle Miller (aka FickleKnitter)
I was so excited to meet Dmitri, too!
(No, we didn't have another episode of Knitters' Fight Club.)
Knitmore Girls Meet and Greet
A TINY glimpse of The Knitmore Girls' meet-and-greet
at the Purlescence Yarns booth.
Laura, Abby, Jasmin, and Gigi.
Shannon Dunbabin
Shannon Dunbabin of Cascade Yarns
(I *LOVE* her hair!)
Marly Ron Faina Christine
Marly Bird, Carl Koop of Bijou Basin Ranch
Faina Goberstein, Christine Chen

February 26, 2014

Stitches Swag

I'm still in recovery mode (doesn't help that I'm coming down with something now), so I haven't been able to write up a proper recap of the overwhelming experience that is Stitches West, but here is my swag from The Knitmore Girls' meet-and-greet at the Purlescence Yarns booth on Saturday:

Swiggity Swag

February 20, 2014

Stitches Market Preview

Spent the evening at the Bijou Basin Ranch booth (booths 900 & 901) signing books and talking to people. Such a great time!

I'll be here all weekend and will be in and out of both Bijou Basin and Cephalopod Yarns (booth 708). If you see me, please say "hi"!