November 28, 2015

Anonymous Fame

Abby convinced me to take her to the mall on Black Friday afternoon (it wasn't bad), and one of the radio stations she likes was there, running a contest.  She signed up, then they gave her a Mockingjay t-shirt and asked if they could take our picture.  I'd call it her moment of fame b/c they posted the pictures on their website, but they didn't get her name, so it was anonymous.

November 24, 2015

Month of Gratitude, Week Three

15 - Friends Who Make Kind Offers
16 - New Habits And The Cheapest
Walmart Run EVER

17 - Modern Dental Care and
Good Insurance

18 - A Job That Involves Shenanigans

19 - Reconnecting With Ron & Cindy

20 - Black Coffee In Bed

21 - Handknit Wool Socks On A
Cold Day In The Mountains

November 23, 2015

Anniversary Weekend

Ahhh...relaxing.  That's about all we did during our long weekend in the mountains for our anniversary.

Well, first we stopped in Davis for lunch with Ron and Cindy.  It was great to reconnect with them, and it felt like we picked right back up where we left off.

Ron performed our wedding in 1995, and we worked closely with
them in the media ministry of our church.  They moved to Davis
right before T1 was born in 1998, and we lost touch 13 or 14 years ago.

We were SO relaxed about this anniversary that we both forgot to pick up anniversary cards.  D'oh!

Not quite winter yet in Sierra City, but they're
expecting a good amount of snow tomorrow.

The rooms at My Sister's Cottage are totally geared for relaxation:
no TV, no phone, no clock, but a coffee maker and good coffee!

We checked out the progress on the house
Lila and Dale are building....

...and we took Pitts Trail down to the
river for a while.

We explored the old cemetery.

We visited Uncle Mike's plaque.

We met and loved up on Petunia.

On our way home, we stopped in Sonoma to pick up the kids and celebrate our various November special occasions over a terrific rib roast.

Next up?  Birthday!

November 19, 2015


Woot!  Today, Andrew and I celebrate 20 years of marriage.  Marriage is the BEST roller coaster ride EVER, and I wouldn't want to have gone through it with anyone else.  I can't wait to see what the next 20 years bring.

November 16, 2015


I wasn't going to start this until Thursday, but I can't wait!

This Thursday, Andrew and I will celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary.  In honor of this, I'm offering 20% off all my non-Defarge single patterns with coupon code TWENTY.

Bijou Bijoux




Garcia's Cowl
Easy as Pi
Bag Ban Grocery Bag

Designs in the Wild - Perennials

Next up in our "Designs in the Wild" series is Perennials.  For this pattern, you need one skein each of two different colors of Cascade Yarns Venezia Sport.  As you can see from the pattern pictures, using one solid yarn and one variegated instead of two solids turns it into a completely different animal:

Perennials - Spring

Perennials - Fall

Once again, we have Doctor Gemma making me look good.  For her Perennials, Gemma chose to use TWO multicolored yarns with amazing results:

c. GemmaDW, used by permisson

Conclusion?  Knitters, don't feel enslaved to the designers' yarn choice when you knit something.  Go ahead and modify things to your heart's content!

November 15, 2015

Month of Gratitude - Week Two

8 - Kind Gestures From Friends

9 - Rain!

10 - Projects That Work Out The Way You Intended

11 - A Fridge Full of Food

12 - Mobile Windshield Repair

13 - This Pack of Girls

November 10, 2015

Designs in the Wild - Foul

I love seeing pictures of my designs "in the wild", as knit by other knitters.  A very small change like using a different yarn or a different color scheme can make a world of difference.

Here is Fair is Foul (Foul Version) from Defarge Does Shakespeare, as it appeared in the book, knit in Cascade 220 Fingering (black) and a self-patterning sock yarn:

c. Caro Sheridan
Here it is, knit with Cascade 220 Fingering (black) and assorted mini skeins of sock yarn that I got in a mini-skein swap at CFR6:

Here is Doctor Gemma's version, knit entirely in mini skeins with no solid color yarn:

c. GemmaDW, used by permission

c. GemmaDW, used by permission

Definitely make sure you swatch for this one;  Gemma used the same size needles I did, but you can see that hers came out with a tighter fit.  Check her project notes before you cast on!

November 8, 2015

Mesherchief - New Pattern, Quick Knit

Somehow, this one-skein wonder fell through the cracks!


  • 1 skein Cascade Yarns Venezia Worsted or Cascade 220 Worsted
  • US size 10 (6mm) and 10 1/2 (6.5 mm) needles
$5.00 on Ravelry

Is it a scarf?  Is it a shawl?  Who cares?!  This is a really quick project, great for holiday gifts or that last-minute, "Ohmygosh, Bonquiqui's birthday is in a few days!  I need a gift!" 

November 7, 2015

Month of Gratitude, Week One

Here in the United States, our annual Thanksgiving Day is always the fourth Thursday of November, so many people take the month to focus on their many reasons to be grateful.  The photo-a-day challenge I like to join, #BRPHOTOADAY, has chosen for this month's prompts all to be "Thankful for..."  This kind of exercise seems awfully healthy to me, both emotionally and spiritually, so I jumped at the chance to participate. I've been posting my pictures daily on Instagram, but here's the first week's round-up:

1 - This Kid

2 - Actual RAIN

3 - Great Customer Service

4 - Happy Surprises

5 - My Years With This Guy

6 - Wonderful Yarn Produced by Terrific People

7 - First-world Comforts

As you can see, I'm not going in order of what I'm most thankful for on down;  it's just what hit me that particular day that was something for which I was grateful that could be depicted in a photo.