July 23, 2014

How Did They Know?

I think Bowling For Soup were following me around or something when they wrote "1985".  I mean...SERIOUSLY:

BTW, is it just me or does the woman in this video REALLY look like Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia from "Buffy" and "Angel")?

July 16, 2014

Polite Quasi-Rant

Dear Madame Job Coach at [name withheld] Where I Bought Groceries Yesterday,

I'm sorry that you weren't having a great day yesterday.  Every job has its boring/onerous/aggravating/crazy-making moments, including yours.  Just in case you didn't quite catch what I was trying to say to you while I was in the checkout line, I thought I'd expand on it today:

Thank you for doing your job.  Yes, the young man you were supervising used "too many bags" for my items.  So what?  I had plenty, and I really didn't mind (the smile on my face the whole time I was in line should have given you a hint of this).  In the grand scheme of life or even the smaller moment of my day, it doesn't matter, especially since I had so many.  Perhaps I caught you at a bad moment, but your apparent attitude about your job concerned me.  Please take a step back and remember how important your job is.  That young man may or may not have been in an appropriate job for him; I really don't know.  He was, however, at a job, trying to become an independent, contributing member of society.  That is a big deal.   On top of that, he appeared to be enjoying what he was doing.  The cashier certainly didn't seem to mind his being there.  As I told you, I am old enough to remember a time when there were no job coaches for special needs teens and adults.  In those days, that young man might have had to stay dependent on others his whole life.  With your program, he has a much greater chance of becoming independent, able to fend for himself, as do many of my friends' kids.  What you do is important.  It is a good thing.  Please remember that.  I hope your day today is as bright and happy as your yellow blouse was yesterday.  I will remember you as I eat my blueberries, and I'll pray that young man finds exactly the right job.


The Lady in The White Baseball Cap

July 14, 2014

Paul's 10th Birthday

As long-time readers know, Saturday was our son Paul's 10th birthday.  I'm actually really glad we were off camping that day.  At home, I probably would have sat around, having a pity party or torturing myself by going through my "Paul Box" alone or something.  Being with a bunch of other parents, most of whom Andrew and I have known since before we were married, made it easier because they "get it".

Per a genius suggestion from our friend Jovita, we got a small gift for each of the girls, something we knew they wanted (thank you, Amazon wish list!).  At breakfast, we gave them their presents in Paul's honor, since we weren't having a birthday party for him and giving him presents.

We talked about how grateful we are for the girls, how proud we are of them, and told them that we wanted them to know that Paul's not somehow more special to us because he died.  Yes, our memories of him are extra special, but that's because they are the only memories we'll ever get with him; we get to make new memories with them every day, like laughing at each other at night in the RV for farting, etc.

I read this:

Psalm 127:3-5The Message (MSG)

3-5 Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?
    the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows
    are the children of a vigorous youth.
Oh, how blessed are you parents,
    with your quivers full of children!
Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you;
    you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep.

and talked about how firmly convinced I am that we get the children we need to have.  These girls help us so much all the time, and we're glad they know it's OK to point out our weaknesses, tell us how they feel, etc.

Paul came up in conversation several times over the weekend, and each conversation left me feeling really loved andsupported.

I really thought I was going to get through the day without even puddling up - hey, birthdays are happy, right?  Then, most of the kids on the trip showed up at the door of the RV Saturday night, carrying an orange with a birthday candle in it.  They sang "Happy Birthday" to Paul, then each gave me a great big hug.  Wow!  

Day 44 - Happy Birthday Orange For Paul

C'mon, Get Happy!*

Even though I was off the grid for several days, I still kept up with my 100 Happy Days pictures.  Here ya go!

* With apologies to The Partridge Family
Day 37 - Andrew Did The Dishes While I Was Out
Day 37 - Andrew did the dishes while
I was out!
Day 38 - Celebrating Victoria's Milestone
Day 38 - Celebrating Victoria's Big Milestone
(Top = 1999; Bottom = July 6, 2014)
Day 39 - Rented RV Acquired For Camping Trip
Day 39 - RV Acquired!
Day 40 - Going Camping
Day 40 - Camping, YO.
Day 41 - Spinning By The Fire
Day 41 - Spinning by the Campfire
Day 42 - Playing Games With Thing One
Day 42 - Playing Games
With Thing One
Day 43 - Walking Into Town With Andrew
Day 43 - Walking Into Town With Andrew
Day 44 - Happy Birthday Orange For Paul
Day 44 - Happy Birthday Orange
for Paul
Day 45 - Happy to Be Home NOT Happy About Devastation of Dog
Day 45 - Happy to be home, DESPITE
the 100's of $ of damage Jenna did
during her Wednesday night freak-out

July 8, 2014

Camping, YO.

Going off the grid till Sunday, camping. Expect updates Sunday night or Monday. I'll continue to take my #100happydays pictures, even though I won't be able to post them for a while. (This was today's picture.)

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers on Saturday, as it's Paul's 10th birthday. We have plans for honoring it while we're gone.

Be good, kids!

E (posting from the passenger seat of the borrowed RV, somewhere on 116 in Sebastopol, on our way to Gualala)

July 5, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

Day 33 - Taking My Ears Out at The End of The Day
Day 33 - Taking My Ears Out
At The End Of The Day
Day 34 - No Matter How Cute You Are, You Can't Have My Donut
Day 34 - No matter how cute you are,
you can't have my donut!
Day 35 - It's Not a Pill
Day 35 - Finding the
combination in a non-pill form
for the family member who can't
swallow pills
Day 36 - Meeting Amy Pond
Day 36 - The girls met Amy Pond.

July 2, 2014

QA Inspection In Three Easy Steps

How to get a QA inspection of unparalleled detail and thoroughness:

  1. Hire a teenage girl.
  2. Tell her that her mother did the work.
  3. Wait.

July 1, 2014

Canada Day

In honor of Canada Day today, I give you some flashback photos from when we saw one of my very favorite Canadians - Bryan Adams - playing a free concert (with Billy Joel) in front of the Colosseum in Rome in July, 2006:

  06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 007 06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 008 06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 009 06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 010 06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 012 06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 014 06 July Italy - Rome - Day Five - Concert 015

June 30, 2014

Oh, Happy Days....

Day 16 - DONE With Online Traffic School
Day 16 - DONE With Online
Traffic School!
Day 16.2 - Lumpy Bumpy Autopilot Cowl
Day 16.2 - Lumpy, Bumpy Cowl
Day 17 - My Baby Daddy
And My Babies
Day 18 - Gift Knitting and Thelma and Louise
Day 18 - Gift Knitting & Thelma And Louise
Day 19 - T1 and T1+10
Day 19 - T1 and T1+10 Years
Day 20 - Chilling At Barnes & Noble

Day 21 - Playing Just Dance and Making The Teens Laugh at Me
Day 21 - Playing Just Dance and
Making Teenagers Laugh
So Hard They Nearly Peed
Day 22 - Late-Night Scrabble With THIS Girl
Day 22 - Late-Night Scrabble
With THIS Girl!
Day 23 - Robin MINUS 195 Pounds
Day 23 - Robin MINUS 195 POUNDS!!!
(Seriously, I started to puddle up.)
Day 24 - T2 Gone at Camp
Day 24 - Thing Two Away at Camp
(And Going to Have a Blast)
Day 25 - The Good Stuff
Day 25 - Getting "The Good Stuff"
to Dye Thing One's Hair
Day 26 - The Dyeing Is Done
Day 26 - The Dyeing is Done!
Day 27 - Happy to Have T2 Home
Day 27 - Happy to Have
Thing Two Home
Day 28 - Cleaning and Organizing Make T2 Happy
Day 28 - Cleaning and Organizing Make
Thing Two Happy
(So we did T1's room)
Day 29 - Yarn For FreeCycle Guy
Day 29 - Guy on FreeCycle wanted yarn
for his pregnant wife who is
crocheting while she's on bedrest.
I was happy to oblige!
Day 30 - T1 Is Back From Camp But Refused a Photo, So Here's Luci
Day 30 - Thing One is home!
(She refused a photo, so here's
"Luci" instead. 10 points to the
first person who figures out the
origin of "Luci"'s name.)
Day 31 - Entrelac + A Giant Americano = Happy
Day 31 - Entrelac, Especially When
Accompanied By a Giant Iced Americano
Day 32 - Vat-O-Dressing
Day 32 - Vat-O-Dressing

June 28, 2014

Annual "Genentech Gives Back" Genenconcert

OOPS!  I got interrupted when drafting this and then forgot to go back and finish.  My apologies!

Yupp, it's that time of year again.  Last Saturday, as the finale to their week-long "Genentech Gives Back" campaign, Andrew's employer again had a huge party/concert at the local ballpark.  As usual, though there were a few rumors, the artists playing weren't announced beforehand.  Here are a few highlights:

Gotta protect what's left
of my hearing!
Do we look excited?!
(Thing Two was too cool
for our selfie.)
Photographic proof that I
participated in WWKIP day/week!

Happy, Grateful Patients

It was cold!
As far as I'm concerned, they were
the highlight of the show.
(Photo Taken by Thing Two)
Yupp, she had fun.
Usher.  Meh.
(Photo taken by Thing Two)